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Faculty Profile: Julie Mollenkamp Julie Mollenkamp

Teaching field

Ph.D., Bowling Green State University

Research field
Theatre pedagogy and history, acting and directing, theatre for social change, feminist theatre and performance studies

Great honors
I've received the NCA Division Excellence in Teaching and Service Award, The KCACTF Road Warrior Award, and the UCM’s College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Achievement Award and Excellence in Teaching Award.

True inspiration
Teaching the performanitive elements of the art and craft of theatre is what I am most suited to do. I possess an enormous enthusiasm for all areas of the theatre but find my true inspiration in the teaching of acting and directing. I enjoy working with beginning students, to help them discover who they are, to develop their own imagination and to begin an understanding of the potential of their physical instrument. I love the challenges of helping more advanced students to promote their own artistic voice, to apply the given tools and to learn, through practical experience, the collaborative process.

Continual development
I seek to challenge myself and to hone my craft as an actor. I pursue performance opportunities both on- and off-campus to stay current in my field, to touch the areas I expect my students to touch and to further my development as a teacher, director and actor.