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Justin Schaefer, geography major Justin Schaefer

Individual attention
I toured numerous larger schools on my college search and was overwhelmed by the size and number of students. UCM offers all the commodities of a larger school while giving more attention to individual needs. Central offers a tight-knit student body and an accommodating experience.

Passionate professors
I changed my major three times before deciding on geography. The professors in this department are passionate about their students and have a great sense of pride in their work. Professors have approached me numerous times after class or in the halls to tell me about an employment opportunity or lecture seminar that they thought would be to my benefit.

Preparing for a career
I was informed and encouraged to interview for an internship position with the Missouri Department of Conservation by one of my professors who thought I would fit the position well. I’m grateful that I have professors that are here to help me get better career opportunities. Career Services has helped me prepare a resume and introduced me to numerous potential employers that deal directly with my field.

Rewarding experiences
I’m a member of the Honors College, Lambda Chi Alpha and the Geography Club. Being involved in activities on campus has taught me time management and organizational skills. These have been rewarding experiences because of all of the people that I've met along the way.