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"What Can I Do With a Major in...History?"

Why Major in History?

The graduate with a Bachelor degree in History will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in content knowledge equivalent to introductory surveys in U.S. and World history.
  • Read history critically for comprehension of historical chronology and interpretation.
  • Write an analytical research paper based upon original research in primary and secondary sources.
  • Think critically about the past, including ways to integrate historical knowledge with other fields of study

Related Career Titles

Archivist Indexer
Analyst Institutional Researcher
Art Conservator International Relations Specialist
Artifacts Conservator Journalist
Associate Director for Historic Resources Lawyer
Banker Legislative Research Assistant
Biographer Legislative Staff
Business Archivist Librarian
Caretaker Lobbyist
City Manager Local Archivist
Collections Manager Management
Congressional Aide Market Researcher
Consular Service Medical Archivist
Consultant Museum Curator
Consumer Advocate Museum Educator
Copy Editor Museum Technician
Copy Writer National Archivist
Credit Lending Nature Education Instructor
Critic Outreach Assistant
Curator Peace Corps/Vista
Director of Education Personnel Director
Director of Educational Programs Policy Evaluator
Director of Visitor Services Press Representative
Documentary Editor Professor/Educator
Education Administrator Program Coordinator
Education Specialist Project Planner/Coordinator
Exhibit Designer Public Relations Officer
FBI/CIA Agent Public Opinion Pollster
Foreign News Correspondent Registrar
Foreign Service Worker Research Analyst
Foundations Advocate Researcher
Freelance Writer Secondary School Teacher
Grant Manager Site Manager
Grant Writer Special Concerns Advocate
Genealogist Tour Guide
Historian Travel Advisor
Historic Preservation Specialist Urban Planner
Historic Site Educator U.S. Embassy Representative
Information Manager Writer

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Affiliated Organizations

Academy of Certified Archivists
American Anthropological Association
American Association of Museums
American Association for State and Local History
American Historical Association
Archives and Informatics Association
Association for Living History, Farm, and Agricultural Museums
Association of African American Museums
Association of Art Historians
Association of Art Museum Curators
Association of Art Museum Directors
Association of Children's Museums
Association of Midwest Museums
Association of Railroad Museums
Heritage Preservation
Institute of Certified Records Managers
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Kansas Association of Museums
Missouri Museums Association
Museum Computer Network
National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators
National Center for Preservation Technology & Training
National Council for History Education
Organization of American Historians
Small Museum Association
Society for American Archeology
Society of American Archivists
Society of Architectual Historians
World History Association

Four-Year Academic Plan

History Major, B.A. Degree
History Major, B.S. Degree


The career paths listed are those which are commonly associated with this area of study and in no way does this site attempt to suggest that these are all of the career paths possible. Some of the career paths listed may require additional education, training, development, licenses and/or certifications. Listings of resources such as job listings, web links, professional organizations, library publications, and other information found on this page are believed to be accurate and true at the time published. The "What Can I Do With A Major In..." database is reviewed and updated every year in July. While no list is truly exhaustive, if you feel something should be added, deleted, changed or updated on this page, please contact the Career Services Center by e-mail at and an out-of-cycle change will be completed.

Who Can Help Me?

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