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Career Services Center

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Warrensburg, MO 64093
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Ethics and Expectations

Ethics and Expectations


Interview with employers who offer the type of work environment in which you are seeking and whose eligibility requirements you meet. Do not interview with an employer just for practice.

The Career Services Center offers practice interviews to assist with the development of your interviewing skills, confidence, etc.

Show up for each interview at the scheduled time and date. If an unforeseeable event prohibits you from attending a scheduled interview, notify the employer at the earliest possible opportunity.

Be sure to review the Campus Interview Guidelines for additional information regarding the proper procedures for canceling an on-campus interview.

Plan for on-sight visits and ensure that all the details relating to travel expenses are agreed upon before committing to such a visit.

Obtain a business card from the interviewer and send a personalized thank you note within 48 hours of the interview.

Make sure that you have a complete understanding of the job offer made, such as salary, job functions, benefits, etc. Communicate your acceptance or refusal of a job offer as promptly as possible. If you have questions regarding any of these areas, ask an employee representative to explain in greater detail.

Accept  an offer promptly once a decision is made. Notify the employer to secure the position. Be sure to ask for a letter confirming the position, salary, and starting date in writing.

Notify the Career Services Center when you receive a job offer so we can deactivate your HireRed account. If you would like to reactivate your account in the future, notify the office and we will reactivate your account and once again provide your information to potential employers.


Provide any false or misleading information to an employer. Provide the employer with accurate information concerning your educational record, work history, group activities and honors/awards.

Show disrespect for any employer, regardless of your personal opinions about them and/or the organization they represent. Employers, especially those visiting the campus from within the same industry, do communicate (network) with each other about prospective candidates. Make sure that this networking between employers keeps you in a positive light.

Visit a potential employer unless you have a sincere interest in working for them.

Continue interviewing with other employers after you have accepted a position. Notify all other potential employers of your decision and withdraw your name from further consideration.

Accept more than one job offer.