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Job Search Information for International Students

How to Find Job Openings

  1. In some countries, people find jobs primarily through the government or family members. In the U.S., self-reliance is more the rule and it is important for everyone, including international students, to use a wide variety of resources to identify jobs.

  2. About 20% of the jobs that exist in the U.S. are advertised in newspapers, trade magazines, or on the Internet. The other 80% of job openings are in the "hidden" job market and are never advertised. These positions are filled by word of mouth.

  3. For this reason, it is important to contact as many people as possible to find out about job openings. This technique is called networking. Contacts include friends, classmates, neighbors, family members, professors, alumni, and community members. The Career Center has many books on the job search and networking.

  4. Students and alumni are encouraged to attend all Career Expos, Panels, and Workshops in an effort to build your network.

Working for International Companies

The best employment prospects for international students may be with international companies. International students are great assets to global organizations desiring language skills, respect for diversity, and/or knowledge of overseas economies.


According to "US Multinationals and the Foreign MBA," more than 53% of foreign survey respondents received a job offer from an American company where they completed an internship.

Obtaining an internship is important not only in terms of resume building, but in terms of its potential to translate into a full-time job after graduation. Check with your academic department and/or Career Services to find out what opportunities are available.

Seek out organizations that have hired international students in the past

The information below provides valuable information regarding which companies tend to hire international students.

Foreign Labor Certification Disclosure Data:

Additional Advice for International Students

Market Yourself Positively - It is very important for international students to turn employers' objections into positives.

By virtue of living and studying abroad, international students demonstrate tenacity and resourcefulness. It is important for them to tell employers about the challenges they faced in studying overseas and how they overcame them.

International students should be prepared to tell employers how hiring them offers more advantages than disadvantages.

Choose a Major/Specialization in Demand

The demand for employees in technical fields, such as information technology and accounting, far outweighs the supply.

Therefore, international students who study these subjects may have more opportunities than those select majors in low-demand areas.

Be Flexible

International students may need to expand their job search by considering jobs outside their desired career.

For example, an Information Technology major who would like to do web development may want to search for jobs in web development AND other areas of information technology.

Patience and Persistence

Although finding employment as an international student can be challenging, it is not impossible. Each year the U.S. grants between 65,000 and 85,000 H1-B visas.