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What Our Alumni Say

Kathy Prenger“The fact that I’ve continued to take classes is what has done the most to keep me on top of technology innovations and other aspects of being an effective teacher librarian. My graduate professors have amazing insight into the facilitation of a library media center. They understand the administrative end, the higher goals of promoting literacy, developing effective collaborations with teachers, integrating technology into the curricular areas and so much more. They taught me the importance of being a leader. The connections I’ve made with professors and other students have been so beneficial. I’ve continued to be in contact with many of them and I’ve found them to be very giving, helpful and supportive.

I love attending workshops and conferences. Not only does it help me stay on top of the latest trends and innovations, I get a lot of great ideas and insight from my fellow librarians. It inspires and energizes me. Since I’m the only librarian in my building, my role in the school is unique. By attending conferences, I can enjoy interacting with others who have similar experiences and concerns.”
Kathy Prenger
Educational Specialist in Human Services Learning Resources
High School Librarian in Hammonton, New Jersey

Victorie Hollwell“The relationships with UCM faculty are multiple. They’re advisors, instructors, advocates and finally friends. I know they’re looking out for my best interests and I know they want to see me succeed. They cause students to reach new heights mentally and spiritually. The professors support the student as an individual. They exhibit more than tolerance’ they exhibit an appreciation and acceptance for individuality. Professors value students’ experiences. They’re not trying to push their agenda. They push their students to reach new plateaus. I’ve expanded my thinking, improved my writing and widened my perceptions at UCM. As an African-Korean American female Muslim leader I felt truly supported in this program.”
Victorie J. Kelley-Hollwell
Cooperative Doctoral Program
Counselor at Metropolitan Community College- Penn Valley

Danny Tipton“I would most definitely recommend UCM to anyone. I believe the education department at UCM is second to none. They prepared me for the classroom by role playing, observations and the actual student teaching. UCM is small enough that it’s more like a family atmosphere. Students can get to know the professors and their help become invaluable. I came from a small town so I enjoyed the diversity of the student population.

I have been teaching since 1993 after graduating with my education degree and I feel that UCM prepared me for the work that I’ve done. I’ve gone on to other colleges for more advanced degrees and I feel that my undergrad degree from UCM gave me a solid foundation on which to build. Now that I’m in the Charter School world with UCM as our sponsor, it’s like coming back home. Those same qualities that I enjoyed as an undergrad student, I’m now enjoying by working with the Charter School office at UCM.”
Danny Tipton
Bachelor of Science in Education
Principal at Hogan Preparatory Academy