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Faculty and Staff

All email addresses end with

Department Faculty



Mrs. Lori Cochran cochran 660-543-4887

Grin 235A


Occupational Ed & Alternative Certification Coordinator
Dr. Michelle Conrad mconrad 660-543-4332

Grin 235C


CTE Graduate Program Coordinator; MCCE Co-Director
Ms. Kelly Edmondson edmondson 660-543-8752

Grin 120A


General Ed Course Lead Faculty

Mr. Michael Elliott melliott 660-543-4458

Grin 236


Engineering & Technology Teacher Ed (ETTE) Lead Faculty
Mrs. Krystle Gremaud kgremaud 660-543-4647

Grin 235B


Family Consumer Sciences Ed (FCSE) Lead Faculty; Secondary Ed Coordinator
Ms. Shelly Sadler sadler 660-543-8898

Grin 212


General Ed Instructor

Mr. James W. Spencer spencer 660-543-8627

Grin 214


Agriculture Ed (AgEd) Lead Faculty & Graduate Program Instructor
Dr. Larae Watkins lwatkins  

off campus


MCCE Co-Director & Graduate Program Instructor
Mrs. Jan Wiggins jwiggins 660-543-8649

Grin 219


Business & General Ed Instructor

Dr. Ruthann Williams rwilliams 660-543-8651

Grin 217


Business Teacher Ed (BTE) Lead Faculty


Department Office Personnel

Department Office is located in Grinstead 120


Dr. Barton A. Washer bwasher 660-543-4580

Grin 120E


Department Chair

Rachel Clements clements 660-543-4452

Grin 120


Office Professional

Bailey Carter      

Student Office Assistant

Matthew Witten      

TECA Lab Assistant