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Faculty and Staff

Note: All phone numbers begin with 660-543-xxxx

Department Office

Dr. Bart Washer
Department Chair Grinstead 120E 4580
Rachel Clements
Office Professional Grinstead 120 4452


Career & Technology Teacher Education (BSE CTE) - 4 Certification Areas

Agriculture Teacher Education (AgEd)
Jim Spencer Grinstead 214 8627
Business Teacher Education (BTE)
Dr. Ruthann Williams Grinstead 217 8651
Engineering & Technology Teacher Education (ETTE)
Michael Elliott Grinstead 236 4458
Family Consumer Sciences Teacher Education (FCSE)
Krystle Gremaud* Grinstead 235B 4647

Occupational Education (OccEd, certificate, BS)

Lori Cochran* Grinstead 235A 4887

General Education Courses

Kelly Edmondson Grinstead 120A 8752
Michael Elliott Grinstead 236 4458
Shelly Sadler Grinstead 212 8898
Dr. Larae Watkins off campus  
Jan Wiggins Grinstead 219 8649


Career & Technology Education Leadership (certificate, MS, EdS)

Dr. Michelle Conrad* Grinstead 235C 4332
Jim Spencer Grinstead 214 8627
Dr. Bart Washer Grinstead 120E 4580