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Department of Educational Foundations & Literacy

Lovinger Building Room 3155
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.8641
Dr. Dawna Lisa (Buchanan) Butterfield, Chair

Faculty and Staff

All email addresses end with

Department Faculty



Ms. Luisa Abellan-Pagnani abellan-pagnani 660-543-8780

Lov 3134


Educational Psychology & Literacy
Dr. Michelle Amos mamos 660-543-8731

Lov 2136


Reading & Literacy
Dr. Terrell Brown tbrown 660-543-8466

Lov 2134


Graduate Program Coordinator
Ms. Morgan Ely constant 660-543-8662

Lov 3155


Dr. Daniel Gilhooly gilhooly 660-543-8359

Lov 2137


English Language Learning & T.E.S.O.L.
Dr. Carl Grigsby grigsby 660-543-4285

Lov 3136


Middle Level Education
Dr. Joanie (Mary) Hartnett mhartnett 660-543-8273

Lov 2100B


Middle Level Education Coordinator
Ms. Chalice Jeffries cjeffries 660-543-4150

Lov 2208


Transformational Learning Coordinator
Dr. James (Mark) Lee jmlee 660-543-8278

Lov 2100C


Secondary Education Program Coordinator
Dr. Pauline Moley moley 660-543-4575

Lov 2132


Mr. Gregg Montgomery gmontgomery 660-543-8246

Lov 8246


Middle School Education & Foundations Coordinator
Dr. Alex Pagnani pagnani 660-543-8679

Lov 2131


Educational Psychology
Dr. Ann Powell-Brown powell-brown 660-543-8712

Lov 2135


Ms. Christi Richardson crichardson 660-543-8387

Lov 2100D


Middle Level Education
Dr. Chris Stockdale cstockdale 660-543-4792

Hum 127D


Academic Enrichment Chair & Literacy
Dr. Matt Thomas mthomas 660-543-8729

Lov 2133


Reading & Literacy Program Coordinator
Dr. Yuankun Yao yyao 660-543-4748

Lov 3132


Educational Assessment


Department Office Personnel

Department Office is located in Lovinger 3155


Dr. Dawna-Lisa Butterfield buchanan 660-543-8641

Lov 3155


Department Chair


Ms. Tricia Brines brines 660-543-8662

Lov 3155


Office Professional

Samuel Kesler      

Graduate Assistant

Jessica Lannin      

Graduate Assistant

Aveek Maity       Student Office Assistant