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Ben Yates

Ben Yates

Ben Yates Photo

Many of Ben Yates’ former UCM colleagues know him as someone who dedicated much of his professional life to preparing students in technology education. What they may not know about him is his great passion for art, which he plans to pursue following his recent retirement from the university.

Experiencing a change of scenery, Yates and his wife have moved to South Orange, NJ, where they are sharing a large house with their daughter, her husband, and their first grandson, now two years old. It affords him time to return to his first love in the form of pen and ink drawing and sketching with pencil.

Yates came to UCM in 1999 after serving the Columbia, MO Public School System for 20 years. His early service at Central Missouri, 1999-2003, was as an assistant professor of computer aided drafting and design technology in the former College of Applied Sciences and Technology. In 2003, he became assistant professor and program coordinator of technology education in CAST, a post he later held for the College of Education. In addition to teaching, he was involved with Project Lead the Way as a participant and past co-director of the Summer Teacher Institute. He co-developed with Dean of Education Michael Wright the Missouri Institute for Technology Education, a program for teaching technology education teachers how to develop/revise and teach a standards-based curriculum. Yates also co-authoreda middle school textbook with Wright and Purdue professor George Rogers.

Yates earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in industrial arts education from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and did post-graduate study at the University of Missouri-Columbia.