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Donna Burden

Donna A. Burden

            Keeping up with the mountains of paperwork that flow through the Office of Academic Affairs was part of Donna Burden’s life throughout much of her career at the university. She is now taking a break from the often hectic pace of campus life by retiring as emeritus assistant to the provost and vice president of academic affairs. She served the university for more than 39 years.

            Central became much like a home away from home for Mrs. Burden, who began her college education here at the age of 16. She worked her way through school as a student employee in the Office of the Dean of Women, Placement Office and Alumni Office. She became a full-time employee in the President’s Office in 1960 shortly after completing requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Education degree. She worked at that post for two years, then accepted a post in another administrative office.

            Mrs. Burden came to Academic Affairs in June 1973, where she often worked overtime helping with projects such as preparing copy for the budget book and university catalog and helping to implement the SCT Personnel Payroll System. She was also involved in committee work, including serving as secretary of the Faculty Senate University Curriculum Committee.

            In retirement, Mrs. Burden is looking forward to traveling with her husband, Gene, who is now retired from his post as Warrensburg Police Chief, and visiting family. They are the parents of one son, Dean, and a daughter, Diane Burden Calder.