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Eugene Oshima

Eugene Oshima

            After more than 29 years of service to Central, Dr. Eugene Oshima has retired as professor emeritus of biology/science education.

            Prior to his arrival at Central in 1966, Oshima was a teaching assistant at the University of Northern Colorado, head of the science department at Decatur County Community High School and was part of Oklahoma State University’s special staff.

            He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Northern Colorado, and in 1966 was awarded a doctorate in education from Oklahoma State University.

            After completing his doctorate, Oshima began his career at Central as an assistant professor of science education in the department of biology. He eventually became a full professor of science education in the department of curriculum and instruction. In the interim, he was assistant professor, associate professor and head of the department of science education, as well as associate professor and professor in the department of biology.

            While teaching at Central, Oshima was on the Faculty Senate Constitution and By-laws, and Honors Program Advisory committees, served on the university Research Editorial Board, was chair of the University 1000 Advisory Committee and was a member of the Faculty Senate.

            Oshima is a life member of the National Science Teachers Association, National Educational Association, Phi Delta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi and is a member of the Missouri Academy of Science and the Warrensburg Social Concerns Committee.

            He and his wife, Dale, have three children, Lisa, Barron, and Kyle.