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Frederic Bock

Frederic Bock

            After a professional career, which includes more than 30 years at Central, Dr. Frederic W. Bock has retired as professor emeritus of legal studies.

            He came to Central in 1964 as an assistant professor of business administration. In 1968 he was promoted to associate professor, and in 1974 he achieved full professor status. Additionally, he directed the University Honors Program from 1969 to 1991.

            Bock earned a bachelor’s degree in economics at Carleton College, Northfield, Minn., in 1960, a juris doctorate at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, in 1964, and master of laws degree in 1971 at New York University, New York.

            While at Central, Bock was a member of the Faculty Senate and the College of Business and Economics Promotion and Tenure Committee and the university Planning and Honors committees. He is currently a member of the Missouri Bar Association.

            Asked about his proudest accomplishments at Central, Bock said his greatest rewards came from, “assisting in the educational development and intellectual growth of thousands of bright and capable students,” and “acquiring many friends within the university family…who have awarded me immensely with their insight, kindness, support, compliments, criticism, advice and humor.”

            As for his retirement, Bock said he plans to continue his life-long interest in learning through the study of new areas of knowledge and to spend more time enjoying his family.

            Bock and his wife, Charlotte, have two daughters, Elizabeth and Anne.