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Fredrick Schieszer

Fredrick J. Schieszer

            With the help of faculty members such as Fredrick J. Schieszer, Central has built a reputation for having an outstanding aviation program. Mr. Schieszer has retired from Central as professor emeritus of aviation after 26 years of service.

            A university alumnus, he earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Central in 1971, a master’s degree in aviation safety in 1976, and an education specialist degree in 1981. He joined the United States Coast Guard in 1971, and spent four years there involved in air-sea search and rescue and maritime law enforcement. He continued to serve the Coast Guard as a reservist until 1991, after Desert Storm.

            Mr. Schieszer left the Coast Guard on a full-time basis in 1975 and was hired by Central as an instructor to teach aviation related courses. He retired at the rank of associate professor. His career accomplishments included creating degree programs in systems design for aviation, implementation of a curriculum in heavy jet aircraft systems operations, and obtaining cockpit and systems procedures trainers for that program. He also created and operated the Aircraft Accident Laboratory at the university’s airport.

            In retirement, Mr. Schieszer plans to continue work and research in air safety investigation, teach part-time at the university and enjoy time for sailing.