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H. Stephen Mohler

H. Stephen Mohler

            For the past decade, Stephen Mohler has been instrumental in helping students to understand important scientific concepts as a faculty member in CMSU’s Department of Biology and Earth Science.

            A native of Warrensburg, the instructor emeritus taught biology labs on a part-time basis, beginning in the 1993 spring semester, and joined the faculty full time in 1995. Throughout his tenure, he taught courses such as Anatomy, Physiology, and Introduction to Science: Ecology. He also provided instruction for the labs for Introduction to Ecology.

            He served as the graduate coordinator and teaching assistant coordinator for the department.  His education interests have covered science education for non-science majors, particularly as it pertains to understanding and managing human-dominated ecosystems. Mohler has also been involved in research with interest in the biological indexing of habitats.

            Mohler prepared for his professional career by studying at McPherson college, McPherson, KS, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in biology. He pursued graduate study at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and earned a master’s degree in zoology.

            The same year he graduated from MU, 1966, he also began teaching at the University of Kentucky/Hopkinsville Community College. He served for two years as an instructor of general biology, comparatice anatomy and botany classes, and chair of the community college’s biology department. In 1968, he moved on to the Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan, a private school where he taught elementary and secondary courses in biology and algebra, in addition to coaching junior varsity basketball.

            He got involved in the insurance business in Warrensburg in 1970, holding positions as president/manager and treasurer for Johnson County Mutual Insurance Company. In 1986, he became one of the co-owners of Insurance Associates of Johnson County.