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Joseph Snoble

Joseph Snoble

            Serving the university for more than 29 years, Joseph J. Snoble guided future educators in dynamic methods for teaching general science and physics. Snoble joined Central’s faculty in 1967, and has retired as professor emeritus of physics/science education.

            Snoble began his career as a high school science instructor after completing his bachelor’s degree at Iowa State Teachers College. He continued graduate studies there and received a doctorate in science education from the University of Iowa.

            Snoble was involved in several committees and professional organizations. Prior to his retirement he conducted sessions for the Science Olympiad and was mentor to many Central students beginning their student teaching and field experience. He is a member of the School, Science and Mathematics Association and the National Science Teachers Association.

            During his tenure, Snoble was active in scientific research. He dedicated much of his research efforts to the construction and testing of effective and inexpensive apparati and materials.

            Snoble has shared his appreciation for science with others through numerous presentations at professional conferences and public school science workshops. He has served as a consultant to public schools and teachers in all science areas in grades K-12.