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Malloy Gould

Malloy Gould

            Having strong communication skills and knowledge about leadership and management, Dr. Malloy Gould not only became a valued university employee during his 28 years of service, but the Warrensburg community benefited from his talents as a volunteer. In addition to his university duties, the coordinator emeritus of research and publications was instrumental in developing the Community Leadership and Involvement Means a Better Community (CLIMB) program that has locally trained nearly 400 people for volunteer service.

            Dr. Gould retired Dec. 31, 2001 after serving as coordinator of research and publications at the Missouri Safety Center. He devoted about 75 percent of his time to that post, while also working in the area of Academic Professional Development. Over the years, he taught speech communication, was director of the Center for Professional Development and Special Programs, and coordinator of Extended Campus.

            In his role at the Missouri Safety Center, he traveled across the state and nation presenting special programs geared towards specialized audiences. He trained law enforcement personnel at the Wyoming Police Academy, for example, and developed courses for other law enforcement personnel on the use of video cameras.

            Dr. Gould earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Texas and a doctorate at Ohio State University.