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Robert Graybill

Robert Graybill

            After completing his education at Central, Robert Graybill spent 34 ½ years giving back to the institution and its students as a faculty member in the Department of English and Philosophy. He has retired as professor emeritus of English.

            Mr. Graybill completed his master’s and bachelor’s degrees at Central in the late 1960s, and also studied at the University of Kansas-Lawrence; State University of Iowa, Iowa City; University of Kansas City; and University of Maryland, College Park.

            In 1964, he was appointed to Central as an instructor of English, and at the time of his retirement he was serving as an assistant professor.

            As a teacher, he encountered many first-year students in his English courses. He especially enjoyed the opportunity to teach courses dealing with medieval and renaissance subjects, as well as Old English. These subjects were sometimes incorporated into presentations he gave to students and others attending special department-sponsored lectures at professional conferences across the nation.

            Mr. Graybill has been a prolific author, and was involved in at least six books while working at Central. He published more than 30 articles in professional journals and other publications.

            The father of two sons, David and Bruce, and one daughter, Jennifer, Mr. Graybill is currently spending his retirement in Warrensburg with his wife, Linda.