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Rodney Sherman

Rodney Sherman

            Combining academic and professional experiences, Dr. Rodney Sherman brought a wealth of knowledge to the classroom as he prepared students for management careers in business.

            After serving the institution for 13 years, Dr. Sherman has retired with his wife, Martha, an emerita faculty member, to a new residence in Burnsville, N.V. The professor emeritus of management was hired by Central in 1987 after teaching previously at the University of South Florida and serving as resident director of the University of Missouri- Columbia’s MBA program at Whiteman Air Force Base.

            He taught courses in management and human resource management, including Principles of Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, and Small Business Consulting. He also served as director of the Small Business Institute.

            Dr. Sherman was involved in many professional groups and organizations, including the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, and the honorary business organizations Beta Gamma Sigma and Delta Sigma Pi, serving the latter as faculty sponsor.

            He earned his bachelor’s degree at Northern Illinois University and his master’s and doctoral degrees at Georgia State University.