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Thomas Mellinger

Thomas O. Mellinger

            A native of Ohio, Thomas O. Mellinger came to Missouri to share his knowledge of drafting with Central students for approximately 13 years.

            The professor emeritus of graphics became an instructor in graphics in 1989 teaching several introductory and advanced drafting courses such as Fundamentals of Drafting, Machine Drafting, and Architectural Design (Residential). He was promoted to assistant professor in 1991, continuing to teach key courses in the drafting program until his retirement in December 2002.

            During his time at Central, he became known by students for his thorough understanding of his subject matter. Student evaluations noted his low-key, low-pressure approach to teaching, but ability to help people in the classroom to grasp difficult concepts.

            Mr. Mellinger is a former sponsor of the American Design Drafting Association Student Chapter at Central.

            A military veteran, he served in the United States Air Force from 1962-1979, giving him many experiences to draw from in relating classroom exercises to the real world environment.

            Mr. Mellinger studied at William Carey College in Hattiesburg, Miss., where he earned a bachelor’s degree in safety in 1976, bachelor’s degree in education in 1986, and master’s degree in industrial vocational technical education in 1988.