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A diverse mix of students from the US and around the world!
Cultivate a global perspective by studying aborad.
Gain hands on experience by addressing global issues with others.
Take classes with professors who conduct research with a global perspective

About International Studies

A degree in International Studies offers students a variety of career opportunities in governmental and non-governmental organizations including, the fields of business, law, communications and tourism. The International Studies curriculum helps to create and reinforce a cross-cultural lens through which students are able to view and analyze the increasingly global community where we live and work. Additionally, courses provide students with the necessary tools to assess and follow global political, economic, and social trends that arise often in the midst of the complex intersection of historical events and cultural dynamics. The international studies curriculum allows students the flexibility to pursue both a thematic and geographic concentration. The major offers a curriculum recognized by employers increasingly seeking candidates with strong analytical skills and the ability to evaluate and understand the effects and impact of globalization on voters, consumers, and societies.

For more information, please contact Dr. Darlene Budd.