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Meeting and Conference Services

Elliott Union 301
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4342


Available Spaces

Elliott Student Union Atrium
Performance events will take place in the southeast corner of the Elliott Union Atrium and Café Rouge. To keep our carpets clean, please place tarps under the tables at events with food, beverages, dyes and paints.


  1. Chairs and end tables in these areas can be moved to create space for performance events, but please do not move the couches or loveseats.
  2. Tables and chairs may be added to Café Rouge for performance events or presentations.
  3. High-top tables can be moved within the Elliott Student Union Atrium areas except during the operational hours of Jazzman's.
  4. The client is responsible for moving all furniture back to where it originally was when an event is over.

Charno Room

  1. The Charno Room is to be set in theater seating at all times; this set is not to be moved. Extra tables can be added if need be! We have new furniture in the Charno Room. Please help us keep it beautiful and do not rearrange furniture within this room.
  2. To use the piano for off-campus clients and university events with an entry fee, an additional service charge will be added to the bill. Please, do not tune the piano outside its normal range to prevent damage.

Union Bowling Center
The Union Bowling Center offers bowling, food and party packages. Please contact us at 660-543-4375 to reserve lanes, inflatable games or casino equipment for your upcoming event.

Academic Classrooms
We want to keep UCM classrooms clean and in working order. Please help clean all trash and return the classroom to its standard set up. Student organizations that fail to clean up and rearrange the classroom to its standard set up will receive one warning.

The UCM gymnasiums are an important venue for sporting events and educational activities sponsored by UCM faculty, staff and outside organizations. To ensure these gyms are available for continued use, please be aware of the following:

  1. Events that take place on wood gym floors require special attention to prevent damage to the floor surface. Depending on the activity, tarps and protective boards or other precautionary materials will be used to prevent damage to the surface of the floor.
  2. In addition to monitoring the event and any activities that may damage the floor, an adviser or event chaperon should ensure the proper use of sporting equipment.
  3. The following are not allowed on gym floors: cleats, shoe spikes, roller skates and hockey sticks.
  4. Use precaution when moving tables, chairs and other equipment to prevent floor damage.
  5. Activities using water are strictly prohibited.


Multipurpose Building and Audrey J. Waltons Stadium/Vernon Kennedy Field
In order to reserve space in the Multipurpose Building, contact Karen Hibdon. To reserve the Audrey J. Waltons Stadium/Vernon Kennedy Field, contact Scott Thomason.

Student Recreation & Wellness Center
For policies regarding the SRWC Recreation Center please go to their website, or contact them by calling, 660-543-8643.



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