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Accident Procedures

The Department of Public Safety, Safety Services Division, has implemented a new procedure for employee injury reports. This new procedure will apply to all University employees effective July 1, 2001. The new procedures are easy to remember for employees and supervisors:

If any employee is injured on the job, contact Public Safety at 4123. If an employee injury is serious and requires immediate medical attention, contact Public Safety by calling 911.

Public Safety personnel will respond to assist the employee and their supervisor. Police officers will respond immediately to emergency medical needs. Safety Services personnel will respond to assist the employee and supervisor in completing the new Employee Injury Report, which Safety Services will bring with them, and to provide the employee with necessary information regarding Worker's Compensation procedures.

Human Resources, University Health Center, and Safety Services have jointly developed new information and forms to assist employees in following the Worker's Compensation procedures and avoiding unnecessary delays in medical treatment. The employee will be provided documentation to take to the physician confirming the status of the injury as being reported to Worker's Compensation. The same document will be used to provide Return to Work approval or medical instructions for the employee to follow.

All other reports of injury (visitors, students not working as student employees) will continue to be reported utilizing the existing Accident/Injury Report form in use since 1983.

If you are traveling away from Warrensburg on University Business and you are injured: Call 911 for emergency medical attention. For non-emergency injuries while traveling on university business, notify by telephone your supervisor and Public Safety, Safety Services. Safety Services will create the Injury report by telephone and allow the employee to sign upon return to Warrensburg.

Why a signature?

Missouri law requires the employee to provide a written report of the injury to their employer. The Employee Injury Report, when signed by the employee, satisfies this requirement.

Why is the Supervisor continually mentioned in these procedures?

The supervisor is the person Safety Services will rely upon to verify the employee was following safety rules and working within their scope of employment. The supervisor must also be aware when employees are injured to assist in preventing similar injuries to other employees and to ensure coverage of critical job tasks when an employee in unable to continue.

How long will this procedure take?

For emergency medical attention injuries, these procedures will wait and be completed by the supervisor and Safety Services after the employee is cared for. In non-emergency situations, Safety Services should be on the scene within 20 minutes, and have completed all actions required with the employee within an additional 15 minutes. Follow up with the supervisor to review the cause of the accident and possible methods to prevent reoccurrence may take longer depending upon the incident.

The steps for all employee injuries are to notify Public Safety (911 for emergencies or 4123 for non-emergency) and notify the injured employee's supervisor. If you have questions, please contact Public Safety at 543-4123.