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Registrar & Student Records

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Holds on My Account

What are holds?

Different offices on campus may put a hold on your account because you have not provided them with something (forms, official transcripts, money) or because they need to speak with you prior to your enrollment. Most holds prevent further course enrollment. Holds also prevent the ability to drop classes in MyCentral. If you have a hold and wish to drop a class, you will need to contact your academic advisor or the Registrar's Office for assistance. Just be sure to contact them before the drop deadline. Some holds also block the release of grades, transcripts, and/or diplomas. It is important to know what the hold is for and which office has placed it on your account.

Click here to see a listing of all hold types and contact information.

Common holds include:

Academic Advisement – some students are required to visit their professional academic advisor prior to enrollment. Contact your academic advisor.

Accounts Receivable – if you owe the University money for books, tuition, fees, library fines, parking tickets, etc. Contact Student Financial Services at 660-543-8266 or in WDE 1100.

Address - this hold is placed if the university does not have an active, accurate mailing address for a student or if mail is returned to the university as undeliverable. Domestic students can update their address using this form. International students can update their address by copying this link into your browser.

Financial Agreement - all students must read and agree to the university's Financial Agreement Statement. This hold is placed by the Student Financial Services Office (660-543-8266, WDE 1100). Students can remove this hold in MyCentral.


Health Center – if you are a student and have not turned in your immunization form with a copy of your immunization records go to this link and follow the directions.

Inactive Student – this hold is applied to all students who have graduated from UCM, any undergraduate student who has been away from UCM for one or more semesters (not including summers), and any graduate student who has been away from UCM for more than one year. This hold only impacts future enrollment at UCM. To have the hold lifted, students will need to reapply to UCM. Undergraduate students can contact the Admissions Office at 660-543-4290. Graduate students can contact the Graduate School at 660-543-4621.


Testing – if you have not taken or passed the General Education Assessment (GEA) test or MoGEA for teacher education students. Contact Testing Services at 660-543-4919 or in HUM 216.


How do I know if I have any holds?

You can check your account for holds by logging into MyCentral. Choose the “Student Services ” tab, “UCM Student Records”, and “View Holds”.

If you have a hold, it will tell you which office has put on the hold.  Contact that office as soon as possible to clear the hold.  Be sure to check your account a few weeks prior to your enrollment access date in order to provide enough time to clear your holds.