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UCM Department of Theatre and Dance Testimonial
UCM Department of Theatre and Dance Testimonial
UCM Department of Theatre and Dance Testimonial
UCM Department of Theatre and Dance Testimonial
UCM Department of Theatre and Dance Testimonial

The Greenroom Guild

 The Department of Theatre & Dance

The Greenroom Guild


Being a member of The Greenroom Guild philanthropically supports the UCM Theatre and Dance Foundation Fund with a $10 recurring monthly gift.  Now, just like a Netflix subscription, you can give specifically to UCM Theatre and Dance with a monthly donation.


UCM Theatre and Dance is doing everything we can to enhance student learning and opportunities on so many different levels. Here is what your Greenroom Guild Membership will help support:


  • Senior Showcase opportunities in KC and Chicago

  • BFA Design and Technology Travel Grants for seniors making portfolio presentations to targeted graduate school programs or professional theaters

  • Transferring a UCM Mainstage production for a 2-week professional run at the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre in KC

  • Continued support for students going to KCACTF, ACDA, SETC and USITT

  • Guest Artist funds

  • Create new Greenroom Guild Student Scholarships


As The Greenroom Guild grows, we want to reach out to our alumni members with benefits as well:


  • Alumni Grant opportunities for artistic projects in your professional career

  • Discounted tickets to students of BSE Greenroom Guild Member alumni currently teaching in the area

  • Support for UCM Faculty and Students to travel and give workshops at area middle schools and high schools in which BSE Alumni are teaching.

  • VIP seating, tickets and private reception for all Greenroom Guild supported activities (Senior Showcases, KC performances, etc)

  • We hope to develop a Greenroom Guild link on our website with resource information about new plays or new technologies available in the industry. Perhaps we’ll develop our own audition monologue master list?


Here is what we are hoping our alumni and friends of our theatre and dance department will see: that they can be part of a philanthropic culture that collectively is creating a legacy for the UCM Department of Theatre and Dance. The Greenroom Guild motto is, “Honoring The Past. Supporting The Present. Investing In The Future.” 


Giving is simple. Click on the provided link. Check the $10 button (you can give more or a different amount if you choose!). Click the Recurring Gift button and choose the time of month you’d like the payment taken. Fill out the contact and billing info, hit Donate Now and you’re done!