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Living on campus at UCM is the full college experience
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Leadership Opportunities


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Getting involved is a great way to get the complete college experience. Housing provides several leadership opportunities that are fun too:

Hall Council

United Student Housing Association (USHA)

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

Job Opportunities

CA Application

Hall Council


Every residence hall has a hall council open to all residents of their respective hall. Hall Council hears the concerns of residents, plans activities that support and develop a spirit of community among residents, and purchase items for the residence hall. Many of the pool tables, flat screen TVs, and gaming equipment were purchased by hall councils. Hall Council also provides clear communication among the UCM residence life community by assigning each hall council an USHA representative (read about USHA below). As a result, Hall Council empowers residents to stay informed about and invested in not only their hall community, but the UCM residence hall community. You can find out when hall meetings are by looking for their posters in your hall, or asking your CA or RHD.


Benefits and Rewards of Hall Council:

  • Meet others in your community
  • Be an important part of campus traditions
  • Take pride in being an active member of YOUR community
  • Have a say in how YOUR money is spent
  • Be the voice of students like yourself!








United Student Housing Association (USHA)

USHA serves as the voice of the students living in the residence halls and acts as the liaison between residents and University Housing, and the UCM community.

The group communicates the issues and concerns of residence hall living to University Housing and submits proposals and recommendations regarding policies and facility improvements.

USHA promotes, coordinates and facilitates activities in all facets of on-campus living and contributes to the general welfare of all residents in the residence halls.

The group strives to build community in the residence halls and provide on-campus residents with opportunities to enhance their leadership skills, personal growth and social interactions.

USHA is highly involved on campus. They have a representative on Student Government Association (SGA), Spotlight and the Student Funding Committee. Each year USHA sponsors the Family of the Year competition, Jim Wand the Hypnotist at the Week of Welcome, Battle of the Halls, and Housing Week. The group also sponsors student leaders so they may go to regional and national conferences and cosponsor an annual scholarship with NRHH for a student leader in Housing. USHA oversees a variety of services for on-campus students as well like the refrigerator rental program, carpet program, welcome kit & finals kit program.


Hall of the Year Bid Criteria


Hall of the Year Rubric


2017-2018 USHA/NRHH Scholarship Application


2018-2019 USHA President Application


USHA Executive Board Position Descriptions



National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

NRHH is a service of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc. (NACURH). It is designed to give local, regional and national recognition
to students making outstanding contributions to their residence halls. NACURH has firm beliefs rooted in community service, social programs and educational programs.
Student leaders often go above and beyond to participate and support these events and NRHH exists to honor these students. Students are nominated each month for
"Of the Month" awards (OTMs). Find out more about OTMs or submit one today!

NRHH is the only nationwide organization that recognizes residence hall leaders. Membership in local chapters is limited to one percent of your school’s residence hall population, or 15 members, whichever is larger. Being selected into the membership is an honor in which one can take a great amount of pride. Find out more about membership requirements online.


Spring 2018 Application


2017-2018 USHA/NRHH Scholarship Application 







Job Opportunities

Community Advisor (CA)

CAs are carefully selected and trained upperclass students, who are prepared to help with transition issues like homesickness, locating things on campus, roommate issues, and more. They plan events and activities for the floor and help residents get connected with the university and other students. They are the person that students report maintenance problems to and CAs also confront inappropriate behavior to help the community be an orderly place to live and study. The most important thing to know about CAs is that they are a great resource, ally, mentor, and friend to their residents.

Desk Managers

Desk Managers are students who have responsibility for scheduling Office Assistants (OAs) at the front desks within the halls to provide customer service and coverages for all desk tasks.  Desk Managers train and supervise the Office Assistants on desk operations as well as assist with the hiring of staff.  Desk Managers are also responsible for adminstrative tasks such as hall supply check-out procedures, monitoring the mail sorting and forwarding system, as well as communicate issues to the Residence Hall Director or Apartment Complex Manager.


Office Assistant (OA)

OAs are students who work at the front desk of the residence halls, most of which are staffed 24 hours a day. OAs answer questions, distribute mail, and most importantly, monitor safety. They make sure the fire safety equipment is monitored at all time and provide services like selling stamps, making change, checking out equipment, etc.

Want to become an OA? Fill out an application and return it to the University Housing Office in Ellis L23.

Academic Resource Coach (ARC)

ARCs are peer mentors who live in the residence halls to provide direct assistance and coaching to students with academic concerns.  These upperclass students are trained to introduce students to a variety of support strategies and tools to boost their academic success, as well as provide ongoing support to their peers through one-on-one contact, group meetings, and programs related to academic skill building. 

Academic Resource Coach Video


Apartment Community Advisor (ACA)

This position exists to provide leadership in developing community among the residents living in UCM on-campus apartments. ACAs will develop community by assisting with communication between residents and University Housing, assisting with conflict resolution among neighbors/roommates, facilitating programs during the year, and being available to residents. ACAs also have administrative responsibilities such as responding to emergency situations and assisting residents in reporting maintenance requests.

Residence Hall Director (RHD)

RHDs are live-in graduate students pursuing their degree in College Student Personnel Administration, which means they plan to continue working with students as their career. The RHD supervises the CA staff and other student staff in the building. The RHD advises the Hall Council of the building and will be very involved in helping their buildings develop a strong community as a whole. Their role is to help the CA staff meet resident needs and to help ensure the building is taken care of. They are the second person to go to for any issues and challenges you have and any building maintenance problems. They are also a conduct officer, which means if a resident experiences a behavioral challenge, the resident will meet with the RHD to discuss how to prevent poor choices from harming the resident's success.

Interested in learning more about working with students as a career? Visit UCM's College Student Personnel Assistantships website to learn about the academic program and assistantships provided.