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The Housing staff

The Housing Staff

There are several staff members here assist you.

Community Advisor (CA): In most buildings there will be two CAs per floor for first-year communities.  The CA is an upperclass student, who has gone through a several week selection process, hired to be there for you. CAs are the first person you should go to for any situation. They are prepared to help with transition issues like home sickness, help with locating things on campus, roommate issues and much more. CAs will plan events and activities for the floor and help get you connected with the other students on your floor.  They will also confront inappropriate behavior to help the community be an orderly place to live and study.  The most important thing to remember about your CA is they are right there with you and have also been in your shoes as a new student.

Residence Hall Director (RHD): RHDs are a graduate students pursuing their degree in College Student Personnel Administration, which means they plan to continue working with students as their career.  The RHD lives or has an office in your building, so they are very accessible to you. They supervise the CA staff and the other student staff in the building. RHDs advise the Hall Council of the building and are very involved in helping your building develop a strong community as a whole. Their role is to help the CA staff meet your needs and to help insure the building is taken care of.  RHDs are the second person to go to for any issues and challenges you have and any building maintenance problems. They are also a conduct officer, which means if you experience a behavioral challenge you will meet with them to discuss how to prevent poor choices from harming your success. 

Assistant Director of Residence Life (AD): The AD is a full-time professional staff employee of the university. They have completed their master’s degree and worked full time before being hired at UCM. The AD is responsible for the six to nine buildings and is the direct supervisor for the RHDs and the secondary supervisor for the student staff.  The purpose of the AD is to insure that the buildings are well maintained, the staff are helping the students and a successful environment for student success is present. They also serve as a conduct officer and meet with students who have had multiple problems or a very serious problem with their behavior.

Office Assistant (OA): OAs are students who work at the front desk in your building. The desk is staffed 24 hours a day everyday you are here. OAs answer questions, distribute mail, complete office work and monitor your safety. They make sure the fire safety equipment is monitored at all times and provide services like selling stamps, making change, checking out equipment and more. You can become an OA; applications are usually available at your front desk or from your RHD.

Office of University Housing Staff : The staff in the office will help with meal plan selection, room selection, room changes and questions regarding your bill.  The Office of University Housing has full-time support staff and professional staff ready to help.  University Housing is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and is located in Ellis Hall L23.