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Financial Matters

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Please be sure to visit the Student Financial Services website to get information about payment methods and university policies. 

We suggest that you either bring your money in traveler's checks, a money order  in US dollars, or have the funds wired directly to the your university account.  If you would like to wire money to your UCM student account, please use the following website to process the wire transfer: If you have questions about the wire transfer process please email Student Financial Services at

You may also use your credit cards and ATM cards to pay your bills and withdraw cash. Please check with Student Financial Services to verify that your credit card type will be accepted.

Do not bring a check unless it is drawn on a United States based bank - the processing fees are extremely expensive and it could take up to two months to clear.  

Remember that the amount of expenses shown on your form I-20 or DS2019 is just an estimate. The actual costs for each semester of your program are difficult to know in advance of your enrollment in your classes. Our University bills for classes based upon each credit hour of enrollment, so each semester may be somewhat different from other semesters. Each semester is billed separately, too. Please do not bring a check for the entire amount shown on your form I-20 or DS2019. The best course of action is to bring enough with you to get started as outlined here, but for your tuition and fees, wait until you receive a bill from the University and then use the PEER transfer system

If you bring money with you, you will be asked as you enter the country if you have more than $10,000 with you. Be sure to answer carefully and honestly, as the penalty for a wrong answer is very expensive. You may need money for travel and hotel accommodations if you miss connections from the Kansas City airport, so be prepared!