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Scholarships for Broadcasting Services

Scholarships for UCM Students in Broadcasting Services

The KMOS-TV/KTBG-FM Community Advisory Board (CAB) recently recognized two students for their work at KMOS-TV and for their academic successes at UCM. Terry Cole of St. Louis received the Fred Hunt Scholarship, and Callie Schimmel of St. Peters received the John E. Bradley Scholarship at the October 31 meeting of the board in Warrensburg.

Terry has been a member of the KMOS Operations team for over a year and, according to his supervisor Josh Tomlinson, is a consummate professional. He is diligent and keeps a cool head under pressure while ensuring the continuity of all three of KMOS-TV’s channels. Terry is also an excellent student always meeting or exceeding the work assigned to him by his instructors. The reliability, dedication and professionalism that Terry shows are completely in line with what was valued in a Master Control Operator by Fred Hunt himself.

In nominating Callie for the scholarship, Dorothy McGrath wrote that Callie is an exceptional producer, with infectious enthusiasm inspiring everyone around her to work even harder. Not only does she participate fully in KMOS-TV’s productions, she is also very involved in extracurricular activities on campus, and manages to finish her work on time. Her excitement for working at KMOS-TV is a great compliment to someone who likes teaching and learning. Callie is an exemplar of the quality of students who work at KMOS-TV.

About Fred Hunt
For twenty five years Fred supervised daily operations in the KMOS-TV Master Control before his death in 2008. He was a good boss and friend to the hundreds of students who worked in Operations and On-Air Promotions over the years. Fred worked with engineers to change the configuration of Master Control, all the while striving to give KMOS viewers and members the dependable television experience they deserve.

This is a relatively new scholarship which has yet to be fully endowed. Thanks to a lead gift from 1984 graduate Dan Stark, we have started a scholarship in his honor with the UCM Foundation and we welcome additional support to create a permanent legacy. If you remember Fred Hunt, or would like to support student success at KMOS-TV and UCM, please contact us at 800-753-3436, or at KMOS-TV, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO 64093.

About John E. Bradley
After a long career in military broadcasting with the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service, Bradley was tapped by the university to act as general manager for the newly acquired KMOS-TV in 1978. Beginning in 1985, when the university's radio station (then KCMW-FM) was relocated to the Martin Building, he became responsible for what became the Office of Broadcasting Services. Bradley retired in 1986, whereupon this scholarship fund was established by the Community Advisory Board.

Fred Hunt Scholarship

2010 - Danny Province


John E. Bradley Scholarship

2010 - James Patten

2008 - Teah Berti and Patrice Harris

2006 - Laura G. Bowlin

2004 - Amanda Lubinski

2001 - Michael Buttgen

1999 - Greg Soener

1997 - Jennifer Rockwell

1996 - Brent Foster

1995 - Janis Logan

1994 - Scott Kasmann

1993 - Tamara Hicks