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Countdown to UCM

Countdown to UCM III

If you are thinking about attending the University of Central Missouri in the near future, thenCountdown to UCM is for you.  This live call-in program features a panel of UCM professionals who can answer your questions on how to apply to be admitted, or how to be considered for scholarships and financial assistance with your educational and living expenses. 

You can also learn about UCM's Military and Veterans Success Center - it's a supportive environment to aid the transition to college life for military and veteran students. 

KMOS Live: Countdown to UCM
To be announced

A panel discussion with UCM experts on the many opportunities available to students as they consider higher education. They will offer guidance on making the transition from high school to college easy as possible, in addition to providing information for individuals returning to college from the workforce or military.

To call in during the show, the toll-free number to use is 800-753-3436. You may also send your questions to Our panel is comprised of several university professionals who can answer your questions about admissions, financial aid and other aspects of the university experience.

Countdown to UCM I was taped and broadcast live on February 10 and 12

The panel consisted of :

Anna Fligge, Coordinator, Student Loans and Outreach

Melissa Ingram, Assistant Director of Admissions

Grant Schmidt, Admissions Representative

Deborah Turnbow, Scholarships & Awards Officer.

Countdown to UCM II aired November 5, 9 and 27

This follow-up conversation featured 

Grant Schmidt, Admissions Representative

Phil Shreves, Director of Student Financial Assistance

Deborah Turnbow, Scholarships & Awards Officer

Countdown to UCM III aired February 23 and 24


The participants in Countdown to UCM I (pictured below) include university staff, as well as KMOS-TV's students who helped to produce this program.
Back row (standing) - Mark Muller, President Ambrose, Ann Nordyke, Shannon Adkisson, Roy Millen, Donna Bodenhamer, Rosemary Olas, Mary Kelledes, Lisa Morse, Phil Shreves, Christy Millen;
Seated at desk - Panelists Melissa Ingram, Grant Schmidt, Anna Fligge, Deborah Turnbow;
Left of desk - Josh Leonard, YuFei Zhu, Angela Sol;
Right of desk - David Skaggs, Stephan Haynas, Erick Robertson;
In front of desk (l-r) -Alden Miller, Sarah Bailey, Dorothy McGrath.

Countdown to UCM is presented as part of KMOS Live, which has previously covered the topics of domestic violence, changes in Medicare, digital television transition, and family farm life.