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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

This edition, which aired on KMOS-TV in August of 2011, highlighted the opportunities for university students to expand their academic and personal horizons as they travel abroad.

Students attending the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg have the opportunity to study abroad in more than 50 countries and at more than 200 institutions. Studying in another country provides students with opportunities that are unique to the college experience. The cultural and social interactions gained by living abroad affect individuals’ academic and personal growth in ways impossible to duplicate at home. While the responsibilities are great, students who meet these challenges find that they have become more mature, well-rounded individuals who return with changes in cultural attitudes, heightened critical-thinking skills and clearer perceptions of the world.

Expert panelists from UCM answered viewer questions about the studying abroad experience. They discussed when to go, how much it will cost, who is eligible and how your college credits will be counted. In this hour-long live call-in show, students, faculty and staff members from UCM’s International Office were on hand to help students begin their study abroad investigations.

Joy Stevenson, Director of the International Center
Dr. Stevenson coordinates professional development and efforts in International Admissions, International Student and Scholar Services, International Programs and the English Language Center with a focus on expanding global understanding on campus and in the community.

Darlene M. Budd, Director of the International Studies Program
Dr. Budd advises students with course selection, scheduling and internship questions as well as teaching several of the required and elective courses in the International Studies major. She received her PhD in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Carla Prael, Study Abroad Coordinator
Parents and students will benefit from Carla’s comprehensive pre-departure orientations and visa workshops. Her ability to help students prepare to study abroad is influenced by her experience as an undergraduate and as a parent who has sent her daughter overseas twice.

Dustin Henrich, UCM Student
A resident of Independence, MO, Dustin is a Computer Information Systems major at UCM. During the program he will share his experiences in studying overseas in Hirakata, Japan in the Fall of 2009.

Rosemary Olas, Host
Rosemary joined the KMOS-TV staff in 1995, serving preK-12 educators and facilitating community engagement efforts. She has been the host for KMOS Live since the first six-part series of discussions covering the many facets of Alzheimer's disease in 2006. A variety of issues, including Medicare Fraud, Engaging Communities on the Economy, Surviving Abuse, Digital Television Transition and Countdown to UCM have been the focus of succeeding on-air discussions. Rosemary currently serves as the interim director of Broadcasting Services.


Study Abroad is presented as part of KMOS Live, which has previously covered the topics of domestic violence, changes in Medicare, digital television transition, and family farm life.