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University Relations

University of Central Missouri
Administration 302
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4640
Fax: 660-543-4943

Design Portfolio

The design and content experts in University Relations create publications for a range of audiences. When the primary target is prospective undergraduates, the tone and style of the Choose Red marketing campaign are applied. In addition, all pieces designed after August, 2012, will incorporate the strategic positioning platform in both content and the use of design elements. In 2012, the University Relations team won several awards for print, video, radio and branding in the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education District VI awards competition.

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Undergraduate Viewbook
One of the first publications given to prospective students and parents when they come to campus, this "visit piece" established much of the tone of the Choose Red campaign. The viewbook received awards in two categories in the 2012 CASE awards competition.

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Choose Red Poster
The design of this poster is one of the most popular in the series of five. In addition to being used as an 11-inch by 17-inch poster, the mule head design has been incorporated into the popular Choose Red trading cards.

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Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies Viewbook
HCBPS is a college that features a wide array of programs. The viewbook helps tie the various programs together and promote the high quality academics and opportunities for students available in the departments throughout the college.

Cafe Rouge

Café Rouge Logo
Café Rouge, which means Red Cafe in French, is a coffeehouse setting across from Jazzman's in the Elliott Union. This web graphic highlighted not only the award-winning Cafe Rouge logo but also promoted the grand opening of the cafe.

Chavez Scholarship Ad
This print ad appeared in the Kansas City Hispanic News and promoted the Cesar Chavez Scholarship application. It combines English and Spanish and is one of the first efforts to use Choose Red in a different language (Escoge Rojo).
College of Health, Science, and Technology Viewbook
Aimed primarily at prospective undergraduate students, this viewbook fully implements Choose Red, both in design and tone. The design of the viewbook uses color and concise descriptions to clearly outline the offerings of this college.
Criminal Justice Brochure
Another piece primarily designed for prospective undergraduates, the criminal justice brochure uses the well-established look and feel of UCM's Choose Red marketing pieces. Content of the brochure focuses heavily on student experiences and outcomes.
College of Education Graduate Programs Booklet
Because this publication is targeted to prospective graduate students, it does not use the tone and design of the Choose Red campaign. This viewbook uses bright colors and significant amounts of white space to promote the college various programs without getting bogged down with long paragraphs of content.
UCM Online Viewbook
This publication promotes online learning at UCM. It is one of the first pieces to begin incorporating the design elements of the university'sstrategic positioning platform. While there is a sizable volume of content in this piece, it is laid out with high quality photographs to help visually break the viewbook into reader-friendly spaces.
International Viewbook
Aimed at an international audience, this 16-page booklet promotes the wide range of experiences available to students at UCM. Although not explicitly a Choose Red piece, the tone and repeated use of the word "Choose" ties this piece closely to the central campaign.
Military Tuition Package Billboard
Located on Highway 50 between Whiteman Air Force Base and Warrensburg, this double billboard stands 24 feet high. The board features a student who is also active duty military.
Mules Country Billboard
The first use of the Choose Red message to external audiences was on the Mules Country billboard. The board is located 5 miles west of Warrensburg on Highway 50 and features a striking mule head whose ears project above the board.
Ambrose Family Holiday Card Spotlight
This web graphic was used to lead users to the holiday video which featured President and Mrs. Ambrose.
School of Business Administration Viewbook
Aimed primarily at prospective undergraduate students, this publication integrates the Choose Red marketing campaign with design elements of the strategic positioning platform. It explicitly uses both Choose Red and Learning to a Greater Degree and highlights the platform four reasons to believe.
Study Abroad Viewbook
Matching the style and design of the International Center viewbook, this piece is targeted primarily to students already enrolled at UCM. This publication uses bright colors and a clean design to highlight the benefits of choosing from the study abroad opportunities available to UCM students.
Aviation Viewbook
Aimed at enhancing the recruitment of prospective students, this piece uses strong visuals to enhance the nuts and bolts of the undergraduate and graduate degree options. This piece is a strong representation of the implementation of strategic positioning along with the Choose Red marketing message.