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Office of Military and Veteran Services

Learn about UCM's aviation courses at Whiteman Air Force Base.
UCM Family of Heroes training
Whiteman Advantage
Whiteman Advantage

UCM Programs

Undergraduate Programs
UCM believes in educating the whole person. That’s why our academic programs are structured in a way that gives you the opportunity to participate in hands-on projects that will help you be better prepared for your future career.

UCM offers more than 150 academic programs to choose from. Some of our most popular programs with military and veteran students include:

See a complete list of UCM’s undergraduate degree programs.

Graduate Programs
UCM offers graduate programs designed to take you further toward your ultimate career goal. UCM is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools of the Higher Learning Commission, and many of our programs are accredited by specific national associations, so you know you're getting the highest quality education for your investment in your education. With more than 40 master's degree programs and five education specialist programs, you’ll be able to further your knowledge in the field that helps you advance your career.

Learn more about UCM’s graduate and advanced degree programs.

Online Programs
Online programs are ideal for service men and women who may be stationed in countries all over the world. Our online instructors are the same professors teaching on campus, so they’re bringing the same high-quality instruction to you on your computer as they are to the students in their classrooms. UCM is committed to helping all active duty service men and women continue their education while they‘re deployed. Having an online degree can help you advance in your career while maintaining the flexibility you need.

Check out our online degree programs.