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History of the
the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC)







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The Student Recreation & Wellness Center         Morrow/Garrison Renovation

Picture of Morrow before Garrison addition

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center was built and will be supported by a student activity fee that the students voted on nearly four years ago. This was the beginning of the collaborative efforts between the Student Affairs Division and the Academic Department of Kinesiology.



The SRC project includes the renovation of Garrison Gym, 3 fitness rooms for aerobics, spinning, kickboxing etc., 3 new sport courts, a free weight room, 4 additional fitness areas that houses nearly $500,000 of fitness equipment, a passive recreation room, and Einstein’s Bagels. It also has an inside walking track, outside patio area for lounging, and several soft seating areas for students to network and relax.

  SRC (lower) courts
Ftiness area

some unique features include the restoration of the original gym floor of Garrison being used to clad the circulation desk and is used as cabinet facing on Einstein’s. The swimming pool that was part of the original facility has been transformed into a cistern, which will be used to irrigate the grounds. You’ll notice we kept the tiles that say No Diving and all the depth markings. The pool is pretty well hidden however as right on top of it sits Einstein Bagels. So, yes, you can walk on water in our center!

SRWC front area                                                      SRWC front area

The designers of the building, Gould Evans, have been very respectful of maintaining the integrity of the old as they blend it with the efforts to create a more “green” facility.

The renovation of Garrison, Morrow, and North Morrow, will enable the Department of Kinesiology to improve their state of the art labs for biomechanics and exercise science programs. We will have programs offered that will make this building a true living lab.  You can have fitness assessments done, learn better health & nutrition skills, and take exercise classes or maybe you’ll want a personal trainer. We will have it all.

We also have the Department of Nutrition and Health housed within the North Morrow complex. Some of you may remember when the basement of North Morrow was used as the student union. Now you will find classrooms, labs, a teaching kitchen, and offices to serve the Department of Nutrition and Health.

You will find as you walk through Morrow and North Morrow many of the original wooden floors that we were able to refurbish, and they look great.

In addition to the new building and the renovation we were able to move the tennis courts across the street to East Field and we put sport turf down. All facilities have been lighted. The students utilize the field and courts regularly.

Our hours of operation consist of opening at 6:00am and closing at midnight, Monday thru Friday; Saturday, 8am-midnight, and Sunday, 1pm-midnight. We want this facility to be the place where students come to get fit, enhance their personal and physical development, and just have a great time.